Welcome to Reformation Life Ministries

Reformation Life is a ministry that chases with passion the Kingdom of the King. 

We are a group of believers that knows the church of the Lord Jesus should return to its roots and preach the uncompromised Word and see the signs following.
We believe in healing, deliverance, miracles, and the Father’s people functioning supernaturally in their sphere of influence, touching everyone with the demonstrative Love of Jesus.
We are people of faith, people of prayer, people who believe Jesus when He said we can have heaven on earth.
We are worshippers and give the Holy Spirit the space and time to move as He desires, we are Kingdom people.

Prophectic Words

Vision during Worship by Terry White
13 December 2020

Overflow is pouring out

I had a vision as we were worshipping in this song.

Above the sound desk came a waterfall of thick oil flowing down the aisle. This thick oil spread across the front floor in the worship area. As it flowed over our feet it came up through our whole bodies. We then bent / knelt in awe just so full of the Spirit. Our heads were bowed down in the oil. As we stood up, this oil just poured down all of us. Then, as we left here, we walked with these footprints of oil, going with us wherever we went. The anointing just went with us, we were full of His presence. It was an equipping of everything we do and encounter in situations, work environments, our homes, businesses and personal lives. Whatever we do is strengthened by the fullness of the Holy Spirit presence within us.

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