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Reformation Life is a ministry that chases with passion the Kingdom of the King. We are a group of believers that knows the church of the Lord Jesus should return to its roots and preach the uncompromised Word and see the signs following. We believe in healing, deliverance, miracles and the Father’s people functioning supernaturally in their sphere of influence, touching everyone with the demonstrative Love of Jesus. We are people of faith, people of prayer, people who believe Jesus when He said we can have heaven on earth. We are worshippers and give the Holy Spirit the space and time to move as He desires, we are Kingdom people.

Prophectic Words

On 24 December 2019, I had a significant dream. I saw a huge cruise liner on the ocean. On each level of the ship people were busy "doing church". They had a ball and enjoyed their time together, all the while feeling safe and secure and comfortable in their “doing church”.
The next moment, I saw a big wave coming and there was no time to warn the people. The wave hit the cruise liner and people tumbled over the railings falling from the back of the boat, screaming.  Fear took over in the resulting havoc.

There was not much time to get back on the boat before the next wave hit. This time people were flung even further off the boat into the ocean. They screamed in panic, shouted for loved ones and ran around in fear. Some started to swim, but they just did not have the endurance or even the energy or capability to swim in the tumultuous waters.

I looked at everything and wept as I asked Jesus who stood with me, "What has just happened?" With tears running over His cheeks, He answered me, "2020 will be a year that will shake the nations. Dangerous things will happen. Great trials and tests will happen all over the world. Those who played church will not be ready. Their spiritual capacity and faith muscles will not be trained for the hour we are facing. They have never learned to walk on the waters. They are not strong in the Lord. They have not learned what it means to be one with Jesus. This is a time of preparation!”

Reta MacPherson

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